Building Personal Resilience™

Building Personal Resilience™

“Resilience is defined as
‘the capacity to prepare for,
recover from and adapt
in the face of stress,
challenge or adversity’”


Measured Benefits

Studies demonstrate many measurable improvements in individuals who go through the training. Individuals report feeling more: self-composed, clear-minded, creative and innovative, patient, confident and experience improved relationships. Decreasing symptoms of stress have positive effects on the following:

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Boost Resilience,
and Clarity


Build resilience skills and capacity for clear choices, optimal function and innovative action through simple, practical, science-based tools to manage stress response in the moment.


  • In depth 8 week program for individuals or groups.
  • A stress assessment is conducted pre/post training to measure impact and outcomes.
  • Includes 30 minutes of individual coaching in tandem with the program on a weekly basis.
  • Is interactive and participative in style.
  • Facilitated virtually.

As part of the program, you will receive either the emWave® or the Inner Balance award-winning technologies.

The products can adapt to computer, iphone, iOS or Android devices and are sensors that teach you how to shift from stress and frustration to balance and resilience with real-time feedback, based on your own heart rhythms.

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