Activating the Heart of Teams™

Activating the Heart of Teams™
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Anyone who has watched a winning sports team or has been part of a corporate team award for exceptional performance recognizes that something extraordinary can take place when a team rises above their normal level of performance. In those moments, team members are in –sync and communicate with each other in an unseen way. Team members often talk about being “in the zone” and having a sense of connectedness and harmony with each other.Any organization can appreciate the importance of team coherence, which is commonly referred to as ”team spirit’’ or “team cohesion”, where a sense of palpable energy is experienced.”



Research show that Coherent Teams

  • High level of trust amongst team members;
  • Increased levels of creativity and problem solving skills;
  • Positive energy, bonding, motivation and momentum;
  • Efficient communication, which save time and energy;
  • Enhanced appreciation, care, kindness and cooperation amongst individuals.

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A Culture Where
Teams Can Thrive


Learn new scientifically validated skillsets, techniques and practices to operationalize, elevate and sustain individual and team coherence. Enhance team harmony, collaboration, vitality and synergy.


  • For teams of 8-15 in size.
  • A Team Coherence Assessment is conducted pre/post training to measure program impact and outcomes.
  • Delivered as a multiday workshop or weekly training and coaching program according to needs.
  • Interactive and participative in style.
  • Facilitated live or virtually.

As part of the program, you will receive either the emWave® or the Inner Balance award-winning technologies.

The products are sensors that teach you how to shift from stress and frustration to balance and resilience with real-time feedback, based on your own heart rhythms.

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